viernes, 18 de enero de 2008


Hello everyone, i don't really know how this works but i just wanted to say "thank you" for all of those who really like my photolog /the_olsentwins.
Anyway i really want to thank /rockinkate (who by the way has an amazing blog spot which inspires me to do this one) I also wanted to say that i don't really know where this is gonna appear so, i'm sorry!

I just know that i'll try my best to make a good blog about the amazing Olsen Twins,
who we ALL love!

Big Kisses, Tons Of Love, Jessie.

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polexia aphrodisia dijo...

MY GOD !!!! i've missed you like a ton :( i was so bumped when you told me you wasn't gonna upload as much anymore, it was terrible! But my darling is SO COOL! that you're doing this, im so glad, to have a place where i can always post! LOL x) My dear how areee you? I was wondering how where you doing the other day :( Anyways, yeahhhh Matt's expecting a baby, which is such a lovely thing, he's gonna be an awesome daddy, he's like cute, right? And Kate must really be happy for him! Now Ryder's gonna have a celeb baby to run around with, lol! I bet they're gonna be like brothers. And omg, i've missed you adorable comments too, honey! And you fotolog, your pictures, your style, you had the best fotolog of MK and Ash in the Fotolog world! hahaha you really did and im sure you're gonna have the best blog :) And the colors are lovely! I'm gonna add you to my links, ok? And about the uploading of pictures, you know that thing above your fotolog that says "Seach for Blog" and it says you mail, the it says like Post a new entry or something and there you go. Hahaha I'm sorry darling i totally suck at explaining things but i hope it helps! You can come to me whenever you have problems. I hope you're doing ok and you know this Kate Hudson fan cares a lot about you! And you know what i was rememering? that MK went to Kate's Halloween party! and they were together!!!! SO COOL, right? Anyway, post away my darling all you want, it's always nice to hear from you.

LOVE AND HUGS to you, always Jess, dear. I send you my best :)